Okay, guys. My post on the Best Bridal Shower Game Ever is by far the most popular post on my blog. It involves lots of bubblegum, a blushing bride, and a lot of laughing for the guests. (Click here to read it)

As a matter of fact, it gets more traffic than all of my other posts COMBINED! I was going through my bridal shower pictures trying to find a cute one to put with that post when I stumbled onto this video gem of The Other Best Bridal Shower Game EVER. For some reason, I had forgotten just how hilarious this game was (perhaps because it is much more fun for the guests than it is for the bride).

My bridesmaids surprised me with this game, and while it made me feel pretty silly the day of the bridal shower, I couldn’t stop laughing when I watched the video a year later. For the record, I wouldn’t suggest this game for a bride who is self-conscious about her body or hates being the center of attention. Thankfully, I love both.

Dressing for the Honeymoon


  • A cute suitcase or overnight bag (It would be really sweet if you gave this to the bride as a gift for her to actually take on the honeymoon.)
  • Paper and pens (can be scratch paper from other games)
  • Tons of funky clothes (see suggestions at end of post)
  • Blindfold
  • Timer (the one on your phone will work)
Pre-Shower Prep
  • Gather materials and place clothes in cute suitcase or overnight bag.
  • Make sure your video camera has batteries

Game Play:

  1. Explain game to bride and guests. “The bride will have to get dressed for the honeymoon while blindfolded. You have to guess how long you think it will take her. Time will be called when all items are on the bride, and the bride is standing up. Pictures are DEFINITELY encouraged.”
  2. Blindfold bride while guests write down their guesses.
  3. Start timer.
  4. Start the video camera, point, and laugh along with everyone else.
Suggestions for items:
  • Gloves – if you watched my video, I put them on close to the beginning. Stupid… and hilarious.
  • A cape or apron (or both) – it was so hard to figure out what these were and where they went.
  • Big clunky shoes (though you should make sure they are not too small and that she takes her shoes off first if you use shoes)
  • Something sexy – hilarious! Especially if it is difficult to figure out what it is.
  • Boas, scarves, and other things that go around the neck and easily slip off
  • Sunglasses – they do NOT go on when you are wearing a blindfold, so it’s funny to watch the bride wrestle with them.
  • Anything random you have hanging in your closet.
Note: Don’t go too crazy with items. The more you have, the longer the game takes. I’d limit it to no more than 8 items as long as half are difficult to figure out. If you can’t find that many weird ones, bump the number of items up to 12.

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