Living in Retrospect


You never long to want or want to long. You only want to be wanted for so long that your bones crack into dust like gray grindings of the peppercorn.

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I hear the lonesome wind come in against the moored boats' bones as I load the warm laundry into the van. A dog tethers a woman across the street....

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Nature doesn't die when the snow falls like hushed ash. It sleeps. All that remains, the stems and stalks and seed clusters that hint of sprouts and...

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un homage à l'homme qui prends vie qui chantequi danse il n'a pas de peurvivre pour il sais qu'il etait créépour vivre c'est la vievivre bois,...

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Let Go

Dark smoke pushes the light out of your body. I watch it go, wisp by wisp - every day, more clouds, more fog obscuring the sunshine. There are...

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