How to register for your wedding & have fun. We did our registering at Target this weekend, and it was so much fun! (I strongly recommend Target’s wedding registry service. Create your own registry here.)  Many of my friends had told me they dreaded and hated registering for their weddings but we had a blast. Here are a few tips to help turn registering into a free date (or series of dates) that may just be the best date(s) you’ve ever been on.

1) Map out your vision. I think the number one thing that is stressful about registering is that for the first time, you have to try and blend your two very unique styles. What might have been cute or “not too bad” in his apartment may not fit with your ideal home’s vision – and your frilly curtains just might make him wary of inviting his friends over. Sitting down before you go to register and deciding on colors and general concepts for each room will help you avoid a lot of the style clashes that can make registering a nightmare. Try to think about how you want to feel in each room and decide what works for both of you to achieve that feeling.
2) Be flexible. Just because you like it doesn’t mean he will – and if he likes it, you probably won’t. Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I’m sure you’ll run into disagreements along the way. Even with a vision mapped out, you will interpret that vision differently. Don’t assume that because you are the bride, you get your way all the time (don’t bridezillas make you want to scream?!?), but don’t be afraid to speak up either. Compromising on these little things now will only help your marriage later. His love for bamboo was a lot cuter when it wasn’t forcing its way into my ideal blue and white kitchen, but as I opened my mind, I realized that bamboo accents could really add to the depth of our decorating scheme and break the mold of blue and white traditional elements.
3) Don’t settle on one _______ right away. When you are looking at anything, look for your top three and then discuss his favorites. This won’t necessarily matter for some things. If he doesn’t know the difference between a food processor and a stand mixer, he probably won’t care what appliances and cookware you register for, but be willing to compromise when compromise is called for – which would be any time you don’t both love the exact same thing. There were MANY times when we simply chose the only one of something that both of us liked. It might not have been either of our favorite, but at least we both liked it.
4) Break it up if you need to. We spent a total of three different trips registering at Target and Bed Bath & Beyond. Each trip averaged around 4 hours long – which is a pretty long time to be on your feet making decision after decision about your future home. We were having fun the entire time, but if either of you start feeling tired or stop having fun, call it a day and come back later.
5) Do your research. Not sure which blender to scan? Scan all of them and then look them up online to read reviews. Just make sure that once you’ve decided on one, you clean out your duplicates accordingly.
6) Be lovey dovey! This might be the last tip, but I think it’s the most important. Registering for gifts can be a lot of work – especially mentally, but don’t forget you’re engaged! Have fun. You are holding a little gun that magically gets you presents with no money. How many times do you really get to do that in your life? Hug, kiss, and make the people around you sick. Don’t be afraid to daydream about your life together and speculate about how and when you will use things. Try to keep things stress-free enough that you can hold hands down every aisle, and kiss at every beep of the scanner. Get excited when you find things you both love. You are building your home together, and THAT is something worth registering for.

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