Okay, so I’ve been planning on making my own earrings ever since I realized that we had crystal beads from my great grandmother’s necklace. I have been planning on wearing the pearl necklace my Dad got me years ago (I still haven’t worn it yet – saving it for the wedding), but I just HAD to incorporate the crystals into my jewelry.

But it’s not like I had the money to get some custom earrings made. So why not DIY?

Total cost: under $10 with leftover headpins
Total time: under an hour while watching t.v.

Who cares that I’ve never made a pair of earrings before? No time like when planning your wedding to take on brand new crafts that you have no idea how to execute. So let’s do this tutorial!

Step 1: Gather materials!

  • Needle-nose pliers (I already had these from some project I attempted years ago)
  • Beads (I already had some pearl beads and the crystals from my great grandmother’s necklace)
  • Headpins – long wires with something cute on the end to hold the beads on (I got mine from Michaels, and they have cute rhinestones on the bottom) – $4.99 – 8 headpins (you only use 2)
  • Earring findings – you choose the type you want (I also got these from Michaels. They are platinum-plated since I’m allergic to nickel. $4.99 – 2 findings (you use both of them)
Step 2: Just do it!
  • Note: I tried doing this on my lap at first. BAD IDEA! Use an old cardboard box lid or a table because you don’t want beads everywhere.
  • Place beads onto one of the headpins. Experiment until you are happy with the length and look. I placed (in this order)
  • small pearl
  • small crystal
  • large pearl
  • small crystal
  • Stick the end of your headpin through the hole in your earring finding.
  • Wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap! Use those needle-nose pliers to wrap the rest of the headpin in a cute coil around itself. Make sure to wrap the very end in tightly so it doesn’t snag your veil.
Step 3: Wow your friends with your crafting prowess!
  • Self-explanatory.


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