I have always had vivid dreams and nightmares, but sometimes they haunt me even after I wake up. I know that most dreams are just our minds trying to process the events of the day, but sometimes they feel more important than that. Because my dreams are so weird (and pretty interesting sometimes), I am going to start posting the ones that seem worth mentioning in this Dreams Remembered series. 

Last night, I had a dream that has haunted me all day.

I was in an orphanage with these two little girls. They had lived with their uncle (who was now in prison) for most of their lives because their uncle had killed their father. The two girls had lived in the basement where their only friends were shadows, and they were very hostile and mean. At one point, they saw a shadow of a day bed, and then they attacked the actual daybed. That sounds ridiculous, but in my dream… it was terrifying. I was so scared that they were going to see my shadow and attack me. Even though I was scared, I was trying to reach out to them. Their story broke my heart, and I eventually decided that I would adopt them so that they could finally feel love in their lives. I knew it would be difficult and dangerous, but I felt like it was worth it to save them from their lives of misery.
When I took them home, they did not want anything to do with me. They just sat in the living room not speaking. I was making a huge pot of spaghetti for family and friends, and even though I knew that they would not want any, I asked them if they would like some. They surprised me by lighting up and running to the kitchen, happy to be eating my spaghetti.
As they ate, they were smiling and talkative little girls, but when they finished eating, they turned into old ladies. I was still their caretaker and was trying to figure out what I needed to buy at the grocery store because I did not know what food they liked to eat (besides spaghetti). One lady requested apples, and the other requested bananas. I asked them if they wanted to go with me, but they looked terrified of leaving the house so I decided I would leave them and go by myself. As I was walking out the door, I wondered how I was going to have enough money to feed these women when I hardly had enough money for my own food.
And then I woke up.
The dream sounds simple, but it has stayed with me all day. So what do you think?
Are dreams just a series of random images or are they important messages meant to be interpreted? 
What does this dream say about me? 
Do you have weird dreams? 

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