Every once in awhile, I find it really helpful to compile a list of things that make me happy or a list of things I am grateful for. Today, I am going to count my blessings. It’s amazing how making a list of the wonderful things in your life can make you realize how blessed you truly are. Often, these lists are what get me through hard times. My favorite musician, Cherie Call, sings, “it’s in the way you see the glass. Once you know that it’s half full, it overflows…”

1. My family
2. My friends
3. My Heavenly Father
4. The atonement
5. The guidance of the Holy Ghost
7. Poetry – especially Emily Dickinson
8. Cooking for people
9. Cuddling on rainy days
10. Hot chocolate
11. Hot baths
12. Mountains
13. Big rivers
14. Getting an email or a facebook message
15. Romantic surprises
16. Candle-lit dinners
17. Heavy comforters on cold nights
18. HUGS!
19. General Conference
20. Edible-smelling fragrances
21. Adorable aprons
22. Wedding blogs
23. Cute old couples
24. Doctor Who
25. Broken-hearted boys
26. Children
27. The smell of freshly baked cookies
28. Doing makeup
29. Acoustic guitars and pianos
30. Traveling
31. Reading aloud
32. Crocheting and knitting
33. My iPhone
34. Making soft-serve ice cream cones and sundaes
35. That moment when a plane leaves the ground
36. Critiquing literature
37. Graphic Design
38. Editing pictures on Picnik
40. Doilies
41. Dandelions
42. Vintage June Cleaver dresses
43. Vintage jewelry
44. Fun-colored walls in homes
45. Canopy beds
46. Kitchens with islands
47. Satin sheets
48. GREEN (especially ties!)
49. Road Trips
50. Tudor English history
51. Unique crafts
52. Making someone happy
53. Having my hair played with
54. Teaching
55. Sleeping
56. Singing in French
57. Singing in English
58. Planning for the future
59. Dancing like a fool – alone or with people
60. Head scarves and hats
61. Fountain pens
62. Fresh notebooks and journals
63. allrecipes.com
64. Kristina’s couch (and my future couch which will be like Kristina’s)
65. Creating something beautiful from not much
67. Missionaries
68. Plays and musicals
69. Driving while listening to music
70. Kisses!
71. Dancing in the rain
72. Cheesy pick-up lines
73. Stargazing
74. Christmas carols
75. Cooking with my parents on holidays
76. Underlining as I read
77. Finding a good deal
78. Yard Sales (having them and going to them… although it’d be better if they were later…)
79. Playing dress-up.
80. 80s ballads
81. Going through old pictures, letters, journals, etc.
82. The scriptures
83. Nauvoo, IL
84. French
85. Lilacs
86. Cute headbands
87. GOOD mascara (rare and hard to find)
88. Lip gloss that tastes good
89. The music Delilah plays
90. Indoor plumbing
91. A place to rest my head
92. Food to eat
93. Clean water
94. My health
95. My womanhood (yay! I get to be a mommy some day!)
96. Green fields and blue skies
97. Sunsets
98. My sight
99. My voice
100. My hearing
101. The love I feel for other people
102. Forgiveness

Thanks for reading my list. I hope that it has given you some ideas of blessings that are in your life. What does your list look like? What makes your life better? Comment your own blessings or make your own list. Trust me, it will make you feel better.

Happy listing!

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