It was 2010, and we had a Halloween party to attend. 

This was awesome for two reasons.

1) Halloween parties are the
2) I had a boyfriend to go with which meant I could finally wear a couple’s costume! 

This was also horrible for two reasons.

1) We were super broke.

How in the world can you plan a couple’s costume if somebody has a cast, sling, or other very visible injury – for $1? (not counting the stuff you have on hand)

Go as Jack and Jill! The perfect cast and crutches Halloween costume!

Gather supplies:
Rusty looking pail/bucket – FREE if you find a friend who will let you borrow it
“Hello, my name is” tags – $1 from Dollar Tree
Marker – FREE from desk drawer
Makeup – FREE (We used my Ben Nye bruise wheel, but eye shadow will work)
Fall leaves and dirt – FREE from yard
Clothes that can get dirty, ripped jeans preferable – FREE from closet
Gauze, bandaids, medical tape, etc. – FREE from first-aid kit

Total cost: $1

1) Put on your clothes. Don’t forget the crutches or sling if you need them. (and like you could forget the cast anyway)
2) Mess up your hair.
3) Roll around in a pile of leaves. If none stick, make sure to weave them into your hair for added effect.
4) Give each other black eyes (with makeup, of course). Add other bruises, bloody (lipstick) gauze and/or bandaids.
5) Write “Jack” and “Jill” on two separate name tags, and attach to clothes.
6) Grab your pail and go win that couple’s costume contest. (Yes, we did, thank you!) 🙂

Total time: 1 hour (including trip to Dollar Tree)

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