Everyone longs for the ability to share a portion of their life with the world, and blogging has become the socially accepted way to do just that. So how do I decide what to blog about? What is interesting enough to bring people back to read a new post?

I’m not certain I have what it takes to be up-to-date, frequent, and interesting (Seriously? All at the same time?!?!) But, I do know that I have a passion for life – a passion that I hope continues to grow day by day. With my recent move to Idaho (I’m not positive they even have a sun here; I certainly haven’t seen it in the past few weeks), I’ve had to work hard to maintain my optimistic and cheerful attitude. My life has changed so drastically – new people, new school, new apartment, no sun. It’s been difficult not to feel lonely or overburdened by stress when I have none of my normal support network to run to.

But that is no reason to stop living!

Life is all about changes. Life is about rolling with the punches (I say that, but find it much easier said than done). Life is about experiencing new things with an open mind and heart and anxiously engaging in the world around you.

That is the topic of this blog. My goal is to share my journey to become a more active participant in my own life – and hopefully inspire you to do the same. One of my favorite scriptures says that we should be “anxiously engaged in a good cause”, and life is certainly a good cause.

Here’s to anxious engagement (and I don’t mean the ring-on-finger sort)!

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