I stand aloof - avoid your gaze
but caught in the rays of your radiance.
You shine in the distance,
illuminating the distance,
drawing MY distance like rouge on your cheeks.

I beckon you nearer.

Your face gathers in a warm embrace of kindred words.
Emotions meld into feelings - feelings into air
or perhaps the compressed space between us.

Unstressed sound and more stressed silence
couple in the throaty sighs and unsighs
that undulate in waves of velvet pulse.

My lips to your ear, drip in berry sweetness -
dribble down your china nd linger -
luscious like a soft repose.

My words caress the body within
and stoke the fire that never ceased burning.
Let them linger as you view them on the darkness of your eyelids.

As the heart in your neck titters and leaps
like a naked bird in silken trees
leaving you breathless
in the eternity before
and the moment after.

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