It’s been almost a month since I signed up to sell Paparazzi jewelry and accessories. If you know anything about me, you know I’m not a big fan of direct sales companies. I mostly buy out of obligation or to support my friends’ new ventures. Occasionally, something really strikes me (LuLaRoe and Doterra are the two that come to mind), but even then, I’m such a cheapskate I hardly ever actually BUY. But Paparazzi Accessories is different; it captured my attention years ago, and I’ve been thinking about joining ever since. Last month, I finally decided to take the plunge.

Why I Hated Direct Sales

I’ve tried direct sales before, and to be honest… I hated it. I sold Avon for awhile in high school – mostly because I wanted the discount. I stopped when I had more makeup than I could ever wear, and I spent a lot more than I ever made. Later, I had a friend who joined Scentsy and started making pretty good money. My entrepreneurial spirit reeled, and I searched for a direct sales company that would fit me. I ended up selling Simply Said designs for a couple of months because I thought it would be a good way to use my graphic design skills. Unfortunately, the pieces were way overpriced, and I just couldn’t bring myself to sell them when I knew someone could DIY or buy at Michaels for cheaper.

Paparazzi jewelry and accessories are only $5 each, and the necklaces all come with earrings. I've always been a frugalista, and the good value is what drew me to Paparazzi Accessories. | This company looks interesting, I love their jewelry.

Paparazzi jewelry is affordable. Everything is $5.

There are a number of things that drew me to Paparazzi, but the most important was that it was affordable. You know that I am a frugal living ninja. It even says so in my bio in the sidebar – so it MUST be true. All Paparazzi jewelry and accessories are only $5 each, AND necklaces come with matching earrings. So for $5, my customers can get an entire set of jewelry. I’m cheap, and I know that even at Goodwill, necklaces are $4+. Claire’s doesn’t run specials like they used to (10 for $5, I miss you so much!). And even Walmart is at best the same price as the things I offer (and not nearly as cute). For the first time, I have found a direct sales company that doesn’t make me feel BAD about selling it. I know that my friends can afford the products, and that I am providing them with a useful service by saving them money on their accessories.

Paparazzi jewelry makes me feel good.

You all know that my life has been crazy the past year or so. About a month after Annan was arrested, my dad asked me if I was depressed before his arrest because I was dressing so much better now that he was in jail. He didn’t quite understand when I told him that dressing well made me feel better. When I was 100% happy (pre-arrest), I didn’t really care what I wore, but on days when I needed a boost (uhm… every day?), looking cute made me feel good. Paparazzi jewelry makes me feel good every time I put it on. I love the compliments I receive from strangers; I love looking in the mirror and feeling put together. Fake it ’til you make it, right? And the truth is that the more I try to look put together, the more put together I feel. It’s funny how that works, isn’t it?

Paparazzi jewelry sells itself.

I know people say this about a lot of things, but I’ve found they are usually lying. Paparazzi jewelry and accessories really do sell themselves though. Every time I wear a piece, people ask me where I got it. When they find out that each item is only $5 (and that my adorable necklace came with the matching earrings), they want to purchase. I don’t have to pressure people into buying because the products are a great value.

I can sell Paparazzi jewelry without carrying inventory.

In order to sign up for Paparazzi Accessories as a consultant, you do have to purchase a starter kit, and each one comes with a ton of products. The cheapest kit is $99 and comes with 35 pieces of jewelry so that’s the one I chose (did I mention I’m a cheapskate?) But after that, it is up to YOU how you run your business. You can build your inventory for home parties and vendor events, or you can go the online route with Facebook parties and online link sharing. For now, I am focusing on building up Facebook parties, and it has been a wonderful learning experience. My customers shop from the inventory available online so I don’t have to carry or ship anything. I never pay shipping or purchase shipping supplies. I don’t have to worry about driving to the post office. I just sit at my computer, share the products, and do a little work on the backend to make sure it all runs smoothly. I’ll be doing a blog post about how I do my Facebook parties soon, but for now… just know that it is AMAZING to be able to sell something without even having to carry the inventory. $99 for the starter kit (includes a website for free) and $37 for my 500 business cards were the extent of my start-up costs for a business that has already made me over $200 (in profit – in one month).

Paparazzi jewelry isn’t controlling.

Call me a bit of a free spirit, but I don’t like it when someone tells me how to run my business – especially if the rules are just plain stupid. A lot of direct sales companies have arbitrary rules that are counterproductive and just don’t make sense. When I signed up for All’asta briefly (they announced that they were closing a WEEK later), they wouldn’t let me post items on my blog with links to where people could purchase them. How stupid is that? Not only did it stifle one of my greatest assets as a consultant, but it also ticked me off. Paparazzi has some rules as well, but they make sense. For instance, we can’t sell the items for less than $5 (even by offering a sale such as 5 for $20) because it devalues the items. But that’s a rule that makes sense – especially since the cost of items is so low that we don’t make a huge profit on each item anyway. If I sold them for $1 less, that would cut my profit in half, which would be idiotic from a business standpoint.

Paparazzi jewelry is giving me freedom.

I hesitated to sign up to sell Paparazzi for THREE YEARS because I didn’t think I had the time to devote to it. I wish I had signed up sooner because Paparazzi is helping me find freedom to focus on the things I really love. It’s just one of my various income streams (stereotypical millennial here – blogger, substitute teacher, freelance writer, AND jewelry salesperson), but it has already lightened my stress about paying bills. Now, I don’t have to accept the subbing call for the obnoxious class that makes me want to pull out my hair. Instead, I have the freedom to say “No”. And I’m confident that even when summer hits and subbing opportunities dry up, I will be okay.

Become a Paparazzi jewelry consultant.

Even though I’m new to Paparazzi, I’m already answering questions from other consultants about my process of Facebook partying. I really do think I’d be a good mentor for someone looking to break into this whole Paparazzi jewelry business thing. Whether you are looking to work from home so you can spend time with your kids, hoping to expand your blogging business to include affordable products your readers will love, or just wanting an excuse to hang out with other grown-up women and have fun, Paparazzi can help you get there. There is an initial investment required, but the dividends are well worth it. I made my money back from my starter kit and business cards in less than two week – even with all the goodies I bought and kept for myself. And I bought myself A LOT of goodies – all at wholesale price. #ConsultantPerks #GiveMeAllTheBling #ThatOneToo

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