I recently found out about Viralwoot, an awesome (though a little bit clunky) Pinterest management website. Viralwoot, formerly Pinwoot, helps increase your followers, repins, and likes on Pinterest as well as giving you the option to schedule pins and repins all for my favorite price – 100% FREE.


I have been in the process of revamping my Pinterest profile for the past couple of weeks. Pinterest is by far the biggest source of traffic for my blog, account for over 90% of overall traffic, so making the most of my Pinterest presence is absolutely crucial to the success of this blog.

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Once you sign up for a free account, you will be taken to your home page where you will see various pinners that you can follow in exchange for “seeds”.

Seeds are the virtual currency of Viralwoot. They are what make the whole ecosystem work. You start off with 30 free seeds. You can also purchase additional seeds or if you are crazy frugal like me, you can earn seeds by following new pinners, repinning or liking relevant content, or inviting new members to be a part of Viralwoot. The rate of return for following a pinner or liking or pinning a pin ranges from 1-10 seeds. You earn 100 seeds for inviting a new member to the Viralwoot community. You decide how many seeds you offer to people who like or pin your pins or follow you. The average is 3 seeds for a repin or follow and 1-2 seeds for a like.

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You can also use Viralwoot to schedule pins and repins. This is by far the best part of the website, and it is amazing that they offer it for free when so many other sites charge you to schedule pins. Free users can schedule 100 pins AND 100 repins every month. That is more than enough to get your relevant posts in front of your target audience at the right time. If you are interested in scheduling more pins, you can always subscribe which I honestly might do in the future.

For now, I am just happy to be a part of the Viralwoot community. In the past 7 days (since I started using Viralwoot), I have already gained almost 30 new followers on Pinterest and seen an uptick in my Pinterest traffic due to the repins.

Of course, always remember to only repin pins that are actually relevant to your followers. Having a lot of seeds to spend is great, but if you earn them by pinning low-quality off-topic pins, you are only hurting your Pinterest credibility.

Join me on Viralwoot, and let’s improve our Pinterest accounts together.

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