I have been looking at engagement photo shoots online for years, and now it’s my turn to post one. I had been dreaming of a kitschy kitchen photo shoot for a couple of years, and Annan’s love for bow ties, cool hats, and suspenders fit right in. We ended up with a few interesting surprises along the way. Our vintage engagement photo shoot was a great way to celebrate our love and have fun together. Plus, our vintage engagement photos were awesome enough that we included one in our super cheap invitations!
If you are planning your wedding on a budget, then you know that all those photos add up quickly. As a matter of fact, a lot of couples spend more on their photographer (mind you, that doesn’t include pictures, photo books, or rights to the photographs) than we spent on our entire wedding. Thankfully, Annan’s niece, Janae did all of our pictures. She was amazing (check out her website if you need pictures taken any time soon), and it was a blast!
You might not be as lucky as we were. After all, many couples don’t have friends or family members who are currently trying to break into the wedding photography market. Even if you don’t, there are a few things you can do to save money on your engagement and wedding photos.
  1. Find an amateur – even if it isn’t your niece. College students looking to build their portfolio are much less expensive than established photographers.
  2. Find a photographer that will include the price of the rights to your photographs in the cost. It’s worth it to pay more upfront for the photographer’s time in order to be able to post those picture anywhere and print them any time for the rest of your life.
  3. Make sure to ask your family and friends to take pictures as well. You might want to hand out SD cards to trusted family and friends with cameras, and have them give you the SD cards at the end of the night.
 Bride-to-be and Groom-to-be
“Honey, I’m home!” Yes, we love each other.
Boys love lipstick prints on their cheeks. Okay, well… girls love leaving them at least, and Annan is a good sport.
 Mmmmmm… Yummy casserole.
 Annan reminds me of Homer Simpson in this picture…
 Obligatory ring shot
 Don’t we look like something out of a movie? I’ve wanted a picture like this since the first time I went to the Greenfields’ house.
“I’ll be back later, sweetheart.”
“Hurry home!”
 Teaching Annan how to crochet.
 Janae wanted to take some pictures outside, and they ended up being adorable.
 My mom said that we looked like something out of Alice in Wonderland.
 Annan doesn’t like this picture, but I LOVE it!
 As we were walking outside, Annan found a little toad. GROSS!
Then they convinced me to hold it. As you can tell, I was super thrilled about that…
 Forget lovebirds! Introducing… lovetoads!
 Kissing a toad – not really something I need to do right now, but cute picture regardless.
 It always helps to have a couple extra hands to tie a bow tie.
 Love, love, love, love, love!!!
Thank you so much to Janae! If you want to see the rest of the pictures, check out our picasa web album. We haven’t edited them yet, but we wanted to get them up for people to see.

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