Okay, so not every school has a bulletin board, but I’d like to post about our bulletin board escapade. First of all, it’s basically like Craigslist but for our university, and it has been indispensable this semester.

Our major haul cost $51, but we got ALL THIS!

Huge bag of hangers – $2
Trash Can – $3
Picture Frame – $3
Shelf – Free on the side of the road
Wii remote charging dock – $15
Rechargable Battery pack (with three batteries) – $3
Cubby Organizer (with 6 NICE cubby drawers) $25
So, if you have a bulletin board through school, USE IT! And if not, Craigslist usually has almost as good of deals – though not in Idaho since it’s not very popular here (compared to St. Louis area anyway).

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