You’ve seen a lot of Valentine’s Day posts here lately, and there are some great ones in the archives too. Just in case anything got lost in the shuffle, here are some posts to check out. Oh, and just because I love you, there’s a Valentine’s Day love poem at the end of the post. You should definitely share it with your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.

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Words of Berry Sweetness

I stand aloof.
Avoid your gaze.
But I’m caught in the rays of your radiance.
You shine in the distance–
illuminating the distance,
drawing my distance like rouge on your cheeks.

I beckon you nearer.

Your face gathers in a warm embrace.
Emotions meld into feeling,
feeling into air
or perhaps the compressed space between us.

Unstressed sounds and
more stressed silence couple
in the throaty sighs and

unsighs that undulate in waves of velvet pulse.

My lips to your ear drip
drip in berry sweetness–
dribble down your chin and linger,
luscious like a soft repose.

My words caress and stoke the burning.
Let them linger
as you view them
on the darkness
of your eyelids

as the heart in your neck titters and
leaps like a naked bird in a silken tree,
leaving you breathless–
in the eternity before
and the moment


The Ultimate Guide to Valentine's Day includes gift ideas for him and her, a budget Valentine's Date idea, tips for love and marriage, a love poem, and much more. All in one round-up post (links to other posts included).

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