The princess spun in her dress,
giggling as the white cotton fabric swung
droplets onto her face.
She stopped twirling - teetered,
looking out at the endless stretch of blue.

She had never realized that the sky was made of water
or that it loved the land so much.
Again and again and again she watched
as the water sky crashed kisses onto the sandy beach.

Its kisses tickled
her ankles as she squished the wet
sand between her toes. She knelt down to kiss the sand,
but the jealous sky crashed into her open eyes
and startled her upright.

"Poor sky," she thought, "I've watched it kiss
the land all morning, and not once has the land kissed it back."

The princess knelt again
and kissed the sky's edge,
and the sky kissed her back.
She felt it slobber all over her face
which scrunched as she thought of pretzels
and salted apple slices.

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