I remember watching Cardinals games with my grandpa when I was little. I would sit next to him in his big armchair and listen as he explained how baseball worked. To be honest, I wasn’t particularly interested in the game. It was pretty boring. But I loved sitting next to Grandpa and listening to him talk.

When I outgrew Grandpa’s armchair, I outgrew my “love” for baseball. And it wasn’t until I was engaged to my husband that I started getting into it. It was 2011, and the Cardinals were absolutely killing it. We watched as David Freese saved the game over and over again. And suddenly, I was hooked. Maybe it was the excitement on his face, or maybe it was being part of something that charged the entire community with electricity, but for the first time in my life, I was a baseball fan.

Now, we go to games whenever we can. Last year, we even hit up a Cardinals v. Cubs game at Wrigley field on the last leg of our epic road trip. When you attend a lot of games, you need a lot of gear. So when I was offered the opportunity to work with Fanatics and get FREE CARDINALS GEAR, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. And it’s just in time for the Cardinals home opener (this upcoming Monday April 13th).

What to Wear to the Cardinals Home Opener | Fanatics.com review

If you are plus size, you know that finding high quality Cardinals plus size gear can be a challenge. So, I was happy to find many options that were available in XL, 2XL, and even 3XL.

What to Wear to a Cardinals Game | This outfit is casual and comfy, but still full of spirit.

What to Wear to Cardinals Home Opener | I love this outfit!

This tank top is only $10.99 on Fanatics.com right now. I love that it is nice and cool, but can be layered with other items for an outfit that really looks put together.

Flip flops are the best part of summer. I love that I can just slide them on and go about my day. So, I knew I wanted to order some Cardinals flip flops to wear to the ballpark this year.

What to Wear to a Cardinals Game | Plus size edition | The most important thing is to be comfortable, but you can look cute at the same time.

As I mentioned above, I am still a huge David Freese fan, so when I saw that this David Freese drawstring backpack was on sale, I knew it had to go in my cart. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was. I thought it would be that really cheap parachute material (I mean, it was only $5.99…), but it actually seems pretty durable.

What to Wear to a Cardinals Home Opener

I just love how this picture turned out. iPhone photography can be awesome if you just work with the natural light.

I love this shot. What to wear to a cardinals game

We also ordered a pair of pajama pants (comfy, but not exactly going to the ballpark cute), a shot glass (he collects them even though we don’t drink), and some Cardinals gift tags (to use on his presents).

If you are looking for Cardinals gear for opening day (or for the rest of the season), I definitely suggest you check out Fanatics. Since they are the largest retailer of officially licensed sports merchandise, you can buy your favorite MLB hats & jerseys on Fanatics.com, the one-stop website for all fans.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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