The water is still today.
It's one of those days
 when the sun and breeze cancel each other out,
and you forget that you need sunblock.

Soft spring water can make you forget a lot of things --
decaying remnants of trees and homes, broken families and enemies' bones.
They call from just below the surface.

All we see is tranquility --
ripples obscuring a kayak's reflection
, scattered into a liquid Monet.
That's all we want to see.

Despite all my time here,
 I've only been in the water once.
It was a drunken summer day
, a silver summer night.
The water caressed my body like a lover.

That night, I dreamt of sharks.
They circled the boat and us in the water.
 It felt like a sign,
but morning washed it away.

Yes, the water is still today, but I know her secrets now.
I can't help but admire her beauty,

but this time
I won't be jumping in.

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