Rating: 4/5 Stars

This book is all about working remotely (if you couldn’t tell from the title). It was written by 37Signals’ founders, Fried and Hansson. They use all of the tips and tools in their book to successfully run their own business that has employees all over the world. The book discusses the challenges and benefits of remote work, tackling common myths that hold businesses and bosses back from moving forward with the times.

Best for: People who don’t know much about remote work and want to get their feet wet OR as a gift for your boss if you are thinking about trying to get him or her onboard with flexibility in your workday.


I was really excited to receive Remote: Office Not Required

 in the mail from Blogging for Books. Yes, they sent it to me for FREE in exchange for an honest review. Since I have been blogging and trying to make money any way possible online freelancing from home for the past four months, I figured this book might have some good suggestions to help me increase my remote working income. Unfortunately, this book was not what I was expecting. There was very little helpful information in the book for my situation.

However, for the right person and purpose, this book would be amazing. So let’s talk about who the book is for and what it does.

Intended Audience:

This book is primarily written to people who are considering implementing remote work (and other types of flexibility) into their businesses. So if you are a cog in the wheel, you won’t get as much out of this book as your boss will. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t read it, but you will definitely want to pass it on to your supervisor when you finish. Also, if you are a freelancer or contractor, this book is more focused on permanent remote working positions. You won’t get much help from the book, but it is an interesting read if you are considering moving to a permanent position.

What the Book Does:

The book is broken down into digestible chunks of 2-3 pages. Each section discusses a different aspect of remote work. For someone familiar with remote work, it can get repetitive, but if you are new to the idea of remote work, you will be surprised at the information you find in this book. A large section of the book is dedicated to combating common myths about remote work, and those were my favorite parts. If you are terrified of giving your employees freedom, then you should read this book even if you aren’t considering implementing remote work. The book really drives home the point that if you don’t trust your employees, you should have other people working for you. It also talks a lot about how disruptive the office really is. How can you expect people to get work done if they are in meetings 5 times a day and their co-workers email them or pop on in every time they have a silly question? I honestly think this book would be great for managers to read just so that they can learn to manage more effectively – even if they do so in an office.

Obviously this book wasn’t exactly what I expected, but as I was reading, I thought of numerous people that I could pass it on to. This is a great book for all managers, whether they are considering remote work for their employees or not.

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