There are a few reasons I’m not a huge fan of Etsy. Their fees are too high, it takes too long to list items, and the marketplace is just too crowded! Now, there is finally a website for selling your crafts and goodies that is better than Etsy. It’s called Pocketbarn, and it is like your local craft fair online. No headaches, no crazy hoops to jump through. Just a simple way to list your items for sale online (without forking over everything you earn.)

Why Pocketbarn is Better Than Etsy

Pocketbarn doesn’t charge listing fees or make you pay them a percentage of your sales. They have a 100% free option to get you started that allows you to list 3 items at a time (which can be rotated as often as you want) or you can upgrade to their paid plans for just $4.99/mo (10 listings) or $14.99/mo (unlimited listings). Plus, Pocketbarn has a local focus, so you can find local customers in addition to national customers. If shipping isn’t your thing, you can choose not to offer shipping, instead offering local delivery and/or pickup for your items.

How To Use Pocketbarn to Sell Crafts Online

I went ahead and did a 15 minute tutorial video to help you start your marketplace on Pocketbarn. Watch below to learn the steps to selling your crafts online.

Note: I am an affiliate for Pocketbarn. If you sign up through my link, I will receive a small percentage of the sale if you decide to upgrade to a paid account. My opinions are my own, and I know the Pocketbarn ladies personally. I really believe this is the best option for crafters looking to break into the world of online selling – or even for established sellers who don’t want to deal with the hassle or expense of a custom ecommerce website. Of course, if you DO want a website for your crafting passion, I can help you with that too

Start Your Marketplace

If you are ready to start selling your crafts online, sign up for your free account at Pocketbarn! Once you’ve created your marketplace, be sure to swing back by and leave your link in the comments so we can all see what you have for sale!

Happy Crafting – and Happy Selling!

Pocketbarn Tutorial: Selling Crafts Online

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