Are you looking for an easier way to track your fertility?

The first time I visited a gynecologist, she asked me to describe my average period. She said it so nonchalantly, as if it should be the easiest question in the world for me to answer. I felt like an idiot because the truth was that I didn’t really know. My period was an annoying inconvenience that seemed to show up just when I didn’t want it, but I never really gave it much thought (except to curse it on occasion). 

Now that I’m older (and wiser?), I track everything. I guess that’s the nature of growing up and wanting to start a family. Suddenly, I could write a novel about my last period. 

Man, that’s awkward.

Wanna track your fertility like a boss? MYLO+ fertility can help.

MYLO+ fertility includes everything you expect in a planner with a built-in fertility tracker.

You can quickly note your flow, basal temperature, intimacy, and daily symptoms all while living your organized life.

MYLO+ fertility can keep your day and your fertility on track.


Get your fertility on track.

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Product Description

MYLO+ fertility  includes an at-a-glance calendar (three years), a health information sheet, a contacts section, a gift planning section, a library sheet for tracking items you loan to friends, and an important login tracker.

MYLO+ fertility’s unique fertility tracker includes:

  • Spaces to record the day of your cycle and your basal temperature
  • Blank area to describe your cervical mucus (consistency and color)
  • 1-10 scale to track your period flow
  • Discrete bubble-in heart to track intimacy
  • Notes section for recording symptoms, ovulation test results, doctor’s visits, or other important fertility information

Two-Page Monthly Calendar Spreads include:

  • Plenty of room to write in important dates
  • A large column for keeping track of your monthly goals
  • Preview calendars for the next and previous months

Two-Page Weekly Spreads include:

  • Left-hand column for writing out weekly goals, things to buy, people to call, and places to go
  • Pre-populated dates
  • Daily columns include
    • header for recording important events and daily notes
    • 10 item checklist
    • fertility tracking section

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