Some love is like a resume –
polished, purposeful, and quite mundane.
Our love is like a recipe –
polished, purposeful, and sometimes mundane –
but beautiful and customized with an added dash of coriander.
Some love is like a diary –
hidden under a mattress.
Our love is like a wedding website –
full of passion and on view for the entire world,
though parts may be password protected.
Some love is like a newspaper –
informed, but always out of date.
Our love is like a Wikipedia article –
informed, and constantly evolving to meet
new and heightened levels of information, clarity, and communication.
Some love is like a Harlequin romance –
cheap, simple, and predictable.
Our love is like a hardbound classic novel –
it may cost a little more in the beginning,
but it is sure to delight beyond a lifetime.
Some love is like a text message
short misspelled and unpunctuated
Our love is like a poem –
carefully crafted and full of deeper meaning,
just waiting to be analyzed and devoured.
Some love is like a research paper –
exploring the explored in the most rigid ways.
Our love is like a travel brochure –
exploring the world in light-hearted measure,
full of pictures and exotic newness.
Some love is like an email signature –
full of needless junk and empty titles.
Our love is like a letter home –
also full of needless junk but only the needless junk
that makes important people smile.

Note: Feel free to share this with someone you love (especially since it’s almost Valentine’s Day!) just be sure to add credit.

Thanks and Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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