I just finished reading my first book from Blogging for Books. In exchange for providing a review of the book, I was sent this book 100% free of charge. I didn’t even pay for shipping!

It Was Me All Along is Andie Mitchell’s memoir, focusing on her transformation from a lifetime of obesity and food addiction to a healthy weight and relationship with food. I chose this book because I thought it was fitting for the beginning of a new year. I also thought that I would enjoy reading about another person’s struggle with obesity, although I had a feeling it would be tough to relate to the food addiction.

And of course, it helped that the cover was beautiful. I love a beautiful cover. How can you not immediately fall in love with this little girl? I wanted to know her story.


So let’s start with the positive. This book was a fast read, and for the most part, I enjoyed the stream of consciousness format. It really felt like Andie was talking to me individually, and I got to know her throughout the memoir. At the end of the book, I felt motivated to make changes. I honestly thought, “hmmm…. maybe I could do that” despite my numerous failed attempts at weight loss due to who knows what health issue. I think a memoir about weight loss has been done over and over, but Andie has a unique personality and relationship with food that helps me feel connected.

Despite the positives, there were definitely some things that I did not like about this book. As a very critical reader, I hope that Andie will not be offended if she reads these criticisms. I thought the book was a fun read, but I can’t give a full review without pointing out the things I didn’t like.

Even though she states that “it was [her] all along,” she discounts this notion by focusing too much on her obsession with food. I understand that focusing on food throughout the story helps to paint a picture of just how addicted to food she was, but there were times when this addiction was treated comically in the writing. The comedy probably was written in an attempt not to be too heavy in the content, but I feel like she lost authority by falling back on lightheartedness so often. At times, it felt like Andie was mocking her former self – which made me uncomfortable and cheapened the story (and her transformation).

I also felt that the time spent talking about the change was glossed over. I would have enjoyed more time discussing how she changed rather than focusing so much on describing everything she ate. My absolute favorite section was when she was in Italy. It felt so relatable, and I wish there was more in that vein of writing throughout the rest of her transformation.

All in all, I was pleased with this book. It was better than I expected, but it wasn’t as deep as I would have hoped. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick and light read that will give them the courage to do better; however, I will warn you that it will make you feel guilty the next time you eat something unhealthy. And if you are a plus size woman, I definitely recommend checking out the plus size blog my mom and I run together. It’s called Fatfully, and it’s all about empowering, educating, and entertaining plus size women.

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