I recently attended the Go Blog Social blogging conference in Kansas City. You may have read my post all about Kansas City and the wonderful places I explored while I was there. What was missing from that post was a recap of the actual conference and links to all of the awesome bloggers I discovered! I would have posted this recap sooner, but I am a total dunce and left my notebook at the conference. Thankfully, the wonderful Megan Adams from Made to Bloom was nice enough to ship it to me. She even included a sweet note saying not to worry about paying her back for the shipping, but to pay it forward.

I discovered phrases to live by.

First of all, I discovered my mantra for 2015 during Mandy Beyeler’s (Sugar Bee Crafts) presentation on Building a Blog Community. So far, my mantra has been “2015 is the year I do great things,” and that is still true. But that phrase misses a huge point for me, which is that great things are often way outside of my comfort zone. My social anxiety has gotten a lot worse in the past couple years, and stretching outside of myself is as uncomfortable as it is rewarding. So what exactly did Mandy say that had me frantically scribbling in my notes?

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. <— Click to Tweet

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Anxiety and fear WILL hold us back from living the lives we want unless we work daily to combat them. Quote of the day.

Mandy wasn’t the only one spouting crazy words of wisdom at the event. Alea Lovely was one of my favorite speakers, mostly because she wasn’t afraid to call us out. Her presentation was less of a pep talk and more of a call to action. She talked about the dangers of comparison and not being afraid to ask for what you want. Some of her awesome one liners? (and there were a ton!)

Me is enough. <— Click to Tweet

When you think, “why not me?”… that’s why not you. <— Click to Tweet

If you’re not feeling it, don’t post that day. Unless you want sub-par to be your brand. <— Click to Tweet

I finally figured out Twitter & Instagram. (I think)

I hate to admit it, but I was a late adopter to Twitter and Instagram –  mostly because I judged the social networks too quickly (and didn’t want to seem like a total tech-junkie). Now, I’m playing catch-up, trying to build a following when I don’t even really know what I’m doing.

This conference was a great place to learn how Twitter and Instagram work. I really got an idea for how I can be more active on the sites and be more genuine in my interaction. I think I’ve finally figured out that social media networks are not necessarily about traffic. They are about deepening relationships with readers and engaging on a consistent basis. Well, except for Pinterest maybe… because Pinterest still brings most of my readers to the blog.

So, now I’m Tweeting and Gramming with the best of them, and really trying to be genuine, consistent, and present. If you’d like to follow along, I’d appreciate it! (Twitter & Instagram)

I met awesome bloggers.

These bloggers were so amazing. I learned a lot from them, and really appreciated getting to know them. Many of these bloggers and I had long conversations over lunch, car rides, and break times. Others were just brief introductions and business card exchanges. It has been so fun stalking their blogs since I’ve been home. You should definitely check each of them out.

Made to Bloom (Megan Adams) – Megan is a Christian faith blogger with an adorable blog design. She is a very sweet and open women, and we had lunch together both days of the conference. So glad I got to meet her, and I’m looking forward to following her blogging journey.

Gemini June Moon (June Ann D’Angelo) – June is a true artist and definitely a Gemini. She is a model with a passion for unique art and self-expression, and she is also an intelligent woman with a PhD. I rode to Kansas City with June and really enjoyed getting to know her. (June unabashedly takes on sexuality, so if that offends you, don’t visit her blog.)

Karate Nurse (Stacy Beach) – Stacy is incredibly active, fit, and gorgeous. She blogs mostly about her exercise routines and what she’s eating. But she also weaves in some lifestyle. And her personality is all over her blog. We ate lunch together both days, and Stacy was such a joy to be around.

Flashback Summer (Emileigh Rogers) – I had lunch with Emileigh on the first day, and her elevator pitch blew me away (vintage with a multicultural twist). Her blog is just as retro and unique as she is. I was drawn to her style immediately, and wish I could pull off the cool things she does.

Akram’s Ideas (Akram Taghavi-Burris) – Akram is another vintage blogger that we had lunch with on the first day. Her style is adorable, and her blog is dedicated to “bringing creative and crazy ideas to life.” Apparently, she has quite a knack for cake decorating as well…

Windy City Wardrobe (Dāsha Guyton) – Dāsha and I didn’t really get to talk much, but she handed out goody bags with her business cards (brilliant!), and she just seemed so genuine and fun. She lives in Chicago and is a fashionista, wardrobe stylist, and of course, a great blogger.

Do you have a favorite blogger I should check out or a quote that I should style up for Instagram? Answer in the comments below.

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