Signs and Decisions

flooded with light
like the tide
racing in.

a young woman
a whirr of wings.

As she stood,
a rumpled ball of feathers with the
blood dripping slowly from its mouth
in distress.

she said
I'm not going any more.
You can tell
I'm sorry.

Stolen Kiss

People who want
ought to have.


a shiver and a giggle
made in the dark
currents of soft laughter

lips dissolved
to that
until it was over

red coral pendants
staring at her
had the power to remember.

Deep-set eyes
did not glance up again.

To Be More

Patience, patience, sister.
Eyes of the flesh are shut, and we must bear with her.

How awful that all good times stoop barefoot in the house.

No, rebellious body!
Divine tongue, eyes, heart!
Indulge desires and buckle the hold-backs.

God be with you
emerge from a stream of water
to see.


Her breast rose
her cheeks, her
own face
"don't take my dream away!"

Stolen Passion

Breathless night air
as low as the sound of water
parted through the mulberry tree.
Farm-girls murmur, like water
and blood.
Quicker than his brain,
fire begins firing.
Two dark figures perfectly still
plucking spasmodically at the grass.
She was living!
moan ran on into frenzy.

Love After Time

It's the old feeling
bad thoughts undressed
in the kitchen
wrapped in hot permission.

Her own body
closed of her girlhood.

In his arms
on her bed
the first time bent the world
like bronze lovers.

She awakened.

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