When Annan and I left Idaho, we knew we were leaving a chapter of our lives behind. We wanted a couple’s photo shoot to help us remember our time there. I scoured photo poses all over the internet, and found an affordable local photographer. Then, we got ready for our fall mountain photo shoot.

The backdrop? The beautiful Teton mountains.

All photos were taken by Kayla and  edited by me using Picmonkey.

sun through trees

skipbo game photo

Ever since my grandma passed away, Annan can NEVER win a game of Skipbo (which is what she gave me for my bridal shower). I believe she stacks the deck for me. I love you, Grandma!

wedding ring photo ideas

rainbow couple's photo

relaxed couple's photo

relaxed couple's photo

silhouette couple's photo

mountain couple's photography

outdoor couple's photography

outdoor couple's photography

relaxed couple's photo

hand kiss photo

artistic couple's photo | unique couple's photo

outdoor couple's photography

Plus-Size Portrait

cold weather blanket photo

Men's relaxed portrait

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