Every once in awhile, it feels like a Facebook ad was written just for you, and sometimes, you click through to read the comments and are pleasantly surprised. Such was the case when I stumbled onto an ad for Dark Cottage and saw someone engaging with plus size customers seeking their unique designs in larger sizes.

She thanked them for their interest, directed them to the pieces they had already made available in extended sizes, and encouraged them to make requests for what they would like to see. She even encouraged them to send in their measurements if something wasn’t available in their size as they were currently reworking a lot of designs to increase accessibility and wanted more reference measurements to use in adapting them.

I was impressed with the brand’s handling of PR and willingness to work with and adapt to the needs of their potential customers, and I was so struck by their attitude towards plus size fans that I reached out and asked if there was anything I could do to help grow their brand using the skills and tools I have.

Through our conversation, it became apparent that they were a smaller company than I had realized. The actual designer was the one who’d been handling those comments so beautifully. This is her passion project, and she is just as passionate about making her clothing comfortable and accessible as she is about making it unique and aesthetically pleasing. Her pieces are designed with fit and function in mind, and since receiving the samples she sent me, I am only more impressed with the brand.

In full disclosure, this is the client I talked about on Threads.

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I am working with Dark Cottage on their Pinterest and SEO as well as a few other things over the next few months in addition to creating content here and on my other platforms. I am being compensated for my work, and the clothes they sent me were sent free of charge.

But they are already some of the most beloved items in my wardrobe. I’ve worn variations of the outfit featured in the link below to two different performances. (Check out my music!) I’m blown away with how comfortable the items from Dark Cottage are even though they are such aesthetic pieces. The package came wrapped beautifully, and every piece I tried on delighted me more than the last.

There will be more photoshoots to come, but for now, check out the plus size Western Goth outfit I put together highlighting the Dark Cottage Spellcaster Mini Dress / Tunic.

plus size western goth outfit pinnable image

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