how to choose a color scheme for your blog

When I recently moved the blog from Anxiously Engaging on Blogger to Living in Retrospect here on WordPress, I knew it was time for a brand new design. Settling on a color scheme was the first step in deciding the look and feel of my blog, and it was difficult to know where to start. Thankfully, I found great resources at COLOURlovers.

Step One: Browse color palettes to find some that you like. I suggest sorting by Most Loved or Most Favorites.

Step Two: When you find one that you like, open it up and click “Love this” so that it is saved to your profile.

Step Three: Go to your profile and click on the palettes that you have Loved. Go through them and look for common themes.

Step Four: Choose your absolute favorite palettes and open them up in new tabs.

Step Five: Choose Create>Palette>Advanced

Step Six:  Copy and paste a hex value from one of the palettes into Copaso. This will make it the first color in your palette.

Step Seven: Click and drag the color down to the scratch area.

Step Eight:  Repeate steps six and seven until you have all of your favorite colors in the scratch area.

Step Nine: Mix and match the various colors in the scratch area until you find the perfect palette.

Step Ten: Name and save your color palette so that you can easily access the hex values as you design your blog.

COLOURlovers copaso



Alternatively, you can create a color palette from an image by uploading an image and then clicking anywhere to get that color.

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