Halloween snacks are so much fun! If you’ve been on Pinterest in the past month, you have probably been flooded by images of adorable (or disgusting) Halloween snacks.

Well, here’s another one. The apple slice mouths had been begging me to make them from the very first time I saw them, but my poor husband is allergic to peanut butter! What could I possibly do?

Replace peanut butter with NUTELLA!

I don’t know about you, but as far as I’m concerned, Nutella is pretty much the icing on any cake.

Or apples… This is the tastiest, healthiest, and simplest Halloween snack I have ever made.

red apples (it only took 4 small apples to make almost 30 mouths)
mini marshmallows
lemon juice

Directions: (No pictures; I’m sorry!)
1) Cut apples into slices and dip them in lemon juice (don’t leave them soaking unless you are okay with sour apples – which might be good since the Nutella and marshmallows are sweet).
2) Spread Nutella on one side of two slices. It’s okay to be a little messy; these gums are decaying, right?
3) Put marshmallows, flat side down, on one apple slice to look like teeth.
4) Press second apple slice, Nutella side down on the marshmallows.
5) Voila! Win the prize for best Halloween snack! (We did.)

PS – These actually taste amazing. We made them on Friday, and I have been eating apple slices dipped in Nutella with marshmallows on top ever since. Don’t judge me.

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