I just got married on a shoestring budget – and still managed to share the day with over 200 of our closest family and friends. People thought we were crazy, trying to plan a wedding that large on a budget of $2500 in only three months – but I think we proved that anything is possible if you’re willing to work your butt off, enlist an army of friends, and scour your brain for ways to save.

And now that wonderful day has passed, and we are starting our journey as husband and wife with no income, little money, and the usual expenses of everyday life.
Out with Broke Bride, and in with Broke Wife.
This blog will be a series of all the ways we’re saving money, and trust me – there will be tons.
Oh, and just to help all those engaged ladies out there thinking they can’t have the wedding of their dreams on the budget of their realities, I’ll be posting a series of blogs about how we saved money on our wedding too.
So whether you’re a Broke Bride or a Broke Wife, hopefully we can work together to come up with some creative ways to work through our broke-ness and live like the princesses we are at the savings we long for.

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