I’m Bobbie Carroll

indie crafter, small business owner, freelance writer, graphic designer, poet, frugal living ninja, nerdfighter

I am an idealist (INFP), and I believe that there is good in all people. I love working with children of all ages, elderly people, and anyone who has special needs. I hate injustice of any kind, and despise abuse in all its forms. I’ve been compared to Mary Poppins on too many occasions to count, but when I see someone being bullied or treated unfairly, the raging lioness comes out of me.

Like all people, I’ve had good times and bad times. I currently own my dream home – even though it needs a lot of work! It was my salvation and refuge when a family scandal managed to tear apart my marriage and almost broke me.

Now, I’m living my happily ever after – building a successful indie craft brand with the love of my life and helping other small business owners make their dreams come true. I still have hard days, but recovery from trauma is a life long battle – one I seek to share openly to help others facing life-altering changes.

My qualifications range from published poems and conference presentations to my parents’ glowing reviews and a young author’s trophy from the first grade.

I’m Living in Retrospect.

Living in Retrospect – (v.) looking to the past for inspiration you can use today

Living in Retrospect is a lifestyle blog dedicated to saving money, making things yourself, blogging, and finding beauty in everyday life. I started the blog so that I could help others simplify, save, and live more happily. Check out the categories below for some of my most-loved topics.

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