I was recently sent the Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit to review. (Yes, I received it for free, but these opinions are my own.) I was super excited to receive it in the mail because my eyebrows are pretty lackluster on their own. I occasionally fill the outer edges in with matte eyeshadow or other powders, but I was looking for a more targeted product – and this fit the bill.

The Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit includes four pieces, each one pretty versatile in its own right.

  1. Universal Brow Pencil: Formulated to work beautifully with most skin tones and hair colors, this amazing eyebrow pencil goes on smooth and natural. Plus, the Universal Brow Pencil is automatic—it never needs sharpening and it comes complete with a spoolie brush on the opposite end for effortless blending and a perfect finish.
  2. Brow Duo Pencil: Highlights your brow bone to add gorgeous definition and warmth while providing instant visual “lift.” Our highlighter works with every skin tone. Plus, for on-the-go touchups, we added a handy universal concealer on the opposite end of the pencil. It’s effortless flawlessness!
  3. Brow Gel: Our clear brow gel locks in your look, giving your eyebrows a long-lasting, radiant glow while keeping them perfectly in place all day.
  4. Smudge Brush: This flat, synthetic brush is the ideal mate for applying creamy cosmetics like our Brow Duo Pencil.


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The Universal Brow Pencil Review

The most important piece of the puzzle is the Universal Brow Pencil. Billion Dollar Brows claims that the color will work with most skin tons and colors. I will say that I am fairly pale and was surprised that the dark brown looked as good as it did. I can imagine it would be too dark for some people and too light for others, but it is a good neutral base that will fit a lot of consumers’ needs.

It went on smoothly (seriously… like butter… it was luxurious) and evenly, and I love that it twists up so I never have to worry about sharpening it. The color stayed all day, which is saying something because things have a tendency to just soak right into my skin after awhile.

The best part of the universal brow pencil is the spoolie end. I’ve never been a big spoolie brush user (mostly because it always ends up at the bottom of my bag). Having it attached conveniently to the brow pencil makes it easy to blend the pencil for a more natural look. And I’m all about a more natural look. One of the reasons I haven’t bought brow makeup is because I got my brows done at Sephora one time, and they were completely UNNATURAL looking.

Everything Else

The concealer highlighter duo pencil is useful, though I doubt that I will use it for my eyebrows. The smudge brush is useful, but not the best brush in my toolkit. And I can’t really comment on the brow gel because the only thing my brows do well is stay in place. I have no idea if it would really hold if you have crazy wild hairs in your eyebrows.

The Giveaway

Billion Dollar Brows is giving away 3 Best Sellers Kits. Enter the giveaway below for your chance to win. And don’t forget to check out their website at: http://www.billiondollarbrows.com


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