Well, folks… it’s official. Annan and I are engaged!

The proposal was adorable. I knew it was coming, but he still managed to surprise me. You see, when he said he wanted to go on a picnic and that my friend, Kami, was going to be filming some footage for a movie for our church’s film festival, I just KNEW he was going to propose. We went to the park, acted cute, and set a picnic – all while Kami filmed away. I kept waiting for him to propose, and then Kami left. I couldn’t believe it. “He didn’t even PROPOSE!” I thought to myself. I felt like an idiot (just like in those movies when the girl expects it and she is totally wrong…) yeah, that’s exactly how I felt.

Anyway, he asked me if I wanted to dance, and of course I did want to dance in the middle of the park to a song on his phone (romantically sickening, right?) We danced to our song, and then towards the end, he spun me around. As I spun, I saw that Kami was back and she was behind me. Before I even managed to be confused, he spun me back around, and there he was – down on one knee.

I was so excited that I’m pretty sure I attacked him. It was meant to be a kiss – but in the video, it looks more like I was trying to eat him. Oh well, I was excited and surprised… I can’t be held accountable for how ridiculous I looked. 😉

We’re gonna be getting married December 3, yes of this year, no I’m not pregnant – thank you for asking. We wanted to get married before the holiday rush and before we go back out to school in Idaho. We know it means we are going to have to rush to get this wedding together, but we know it will be worth it to go back to school married! 🙂

In addition to having a tight timeline, we also have a very tight budget – so be prepared, Anxiously Engaging is about to be full of super-cheap, super awesome ideas and rants about how much work they take. But for now, suffice it to say that I’m engaged (and anxiously awaiting the day when I can start the beginning of forever with the best man in the world!).

Bobbie “Broke Bride”

PS – Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve been waiting for the day when I could title a blog “Anxiously Engaged” since I started this blog. I thought it would be just so darn punny. And guess what! It is!

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