I am so excited to do this round-up of some of my favorite products. I have been scouring the web for the best gift ideas, and these are sure to make your guy happy. Whether he is Daddy Warbucks, an outdoorsman, a photographer, a musician, or a Star Wars BBQ fanatic, these are sure to make his day!

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Check out these 5 unique Valentine's Day gift ideas for him. Whether he is Daddy Warbucks, an outdoorsman, a musician, a Star Wars nerd, or a photographer, these are sure to make his day!

For Daddy Warbucks (and his back pocket)

Big Skinny Men’s Super Skinny Leather Bi-Fold Wallet, Brown

This wallet is by Big Skinny. They specialize in making super-skinny wallets for a more comfortable feel. If your man keeps his wallet in his back pocket, you’ve probably wondered how he can stand to sit. If he’s constantly cleaning it out trying to make it more comfortable, consider getting him one of Big Skinny’s highly rated wallets (50% slimmer than traditional wallets). This is my favorite one. It’s all leather and available in brown or black.

Cost: $28.95

For the Outdoorsman

Grizzly 2 Person +0 Degree Rip Stop Sleeping Bag (Olive)

This is the highest rated double sleeping bag on Amazon, and it is rated at +0 Degree, which means it’s great for winter camping (most places). If your man loves to camp, and you love to go with him, consider investing in this cozy excuse to cuddle in the outdoors. Oh, and if you don’t love to go camping with him, maybe you should purchase this and go camping with him once in awhile. Spending time with his girl in the outdoors would probably be the best gift he could ask for.

Originally $198.00. Currently on sale for $139.00.

For the Photographer

AmazonBasics DSLR and Laptop Backpack – Orange interior

This camera backpack is so cool, and it is also one of the highest rated camera bags on Amazon. I’ve had this on my wishlist for awhile, and I won’t judge you if you purchase it for yourself rather than for your man. But if he’s more into cameras than you are, he would really love this camera backpack. With space for all of his photography gear AND a nice padded laptop compartment, this 

is THE bag for any photography lover. Plus, it looks so sleek!

Originally $44.99. Now on sale for $39.99

For the Musician

Pick Punch – The Original Guitar Pick Punch

If your man is a musician and loves to play guitar, he will love this pick punch. Basically, you can punch a pick out of anything. Use it on old credit cards, gift cards, notebook covers, very thin wood, and anything else you can fit into it. You get bonus points if you give your man this AND a gift card with a cool design so that he can punch it into picks after he uses it.

Originally cost $24.95. On sale for $22.95

For the Star Wars and/or BBQ Fanatic

Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Tongs with Sounds – Barbecue Like a Jedi (22″ Long)

Yes, I know this is incredibly cheesy, but if your man is anything like my husband, this would be the perfect gift. These BBQ Tongs actually make lightsaber sounds, and they come with a sheath that makes them look like a lightsaber. You roll your eyes now, but wait until you see how excited he gets the next time you ask him to grill.

Originally $59.99. Now on sale for $39.95

I hope you enjoyed this list of 5 unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him. If you are interested in reading the counterpart, check out 5 unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her.

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