This poem is about the BYU-Idaho Center – particularly about devotional which takes place there. Devotional is an hour-long spiritual thought that students attend in the middle of the week.

Another reference that people might not recognize (particularly those who are not LDS) is the reference to Nauvoo. Nauvoo, Illinois was a place that many Latter-Day Saints lived at the beginning of the Church’s history. They built a beautiful temple there – which took tons of work, sacrifice, and monetary contributions. Eventually, after the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, most Latter-Day Saints took the long journey to the Salt Lake valley to avoid further persecution. They crossed the frozen Mississippi River at the start of their journey, leaving the community and temple they had worked so hard to build for an unknown world before them.

Enjoy! Next week’s poem is based on a weird looking pony toy that I’m pretty sure was picked up at a thrift store. Each poet will be writing about a different random thing.

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