Love in 36 Questions: Is Love A Choice?

Love in 36 Questions: Is Love A Choice?

Growing up, I used to play “Truth or Truth” with my friends. I will admit that it was partially because I was too chicken to play with dares, but it was also because I just enjoyed getting to know someone else through questions. It was fun to come up with...

Caught in the rays of your radiance —

You shine in the distance, illuminate the distance —

drawing my distance like rouge on your cheeks

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Anxiously Engaged

Well, folks… it’s official. Annan and I are engaged!The proposal was adorable. I knew it was coming, but he still managed to surprise me. You see, when he said he wanted to go on a picnic and that my friend, Kami, was going to be filming some footage for a...

Someone Like You – We’ve All Felt It

Sometimes a musician sings a song that captures the very essence of a certain emotion, really allowing you to feel what they are singing. These songs take you back to moments when you wished you could have worded your feelings in a way that made sense, and they help...

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