Name | Life in Vignette

Name | Life in Vignette

It’s been about a month since I launched Life in Vignette, a new series creative writing series on the blog. My first vignette, Timestrokes, was about brushing my grandmother’s hair when she was dying. It captured a moment that is incredibly precious to...

Caught in the rays of your radiance —

You shine in the distance, illuminate the distance —

drawing my distance like rouge on your cheeks

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Groundhog Day – A Glorious Day by Bobbie Gross

Groundhog’s Day is Saturday, and just to celebrate, here is my poem from Last Poet Standing. The prompt (surprise, surprise): Groundhog’s Day! Happy Groundhog’s Day everyone. And feel free to share with your friends. 🙂 Or pin it to...
This grief poem was written when I had a dream about my Grandmother after she passed away. I miss you Grandma, and love you. I look forward to seeing you again some day.
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Refining Ruby

You have braided yourself together,like strands of wovengold and silver andmore precious than rubiesin a puff of blue smokethat produces allergiesand memories of surprise-filled ice cream cones.Like a stack of Skip-Bo cards,your pieces are so lovingly wornfrom games...

My. Little. Pony. – a Monologue Poem

This poem was based on a tiny damaged toy pony from the local thrift store. I’ve never had such a fun prompt to work with. This was my attempt at a monologue poem (I don’t even know if that’s a real thing or if I made it up) – a poem that is...

Week three of Last Poet Standing

This poem is about the BYU-Idaho Center – particularly about devotional which takes place there. Devotional is an hour-long spiritual thought that students attend in the middle of the week.Another reference that people might not recognize (particularly those who...

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