How Prayers are Different From Wishes

How Prayers are Different From Wishes

  My niece (we’ll just call her Princess) is absolutely adorable. She is 6 1/2 years old, and spending time with her is one of my favorite things to do. She is energetic, talkative, and beautiful inside and out. Her grandparents (and her uncle and I) are...

October 2014 LDS General Conference Quotes

I love General Conference. There are always so many bite-sized quotes that just strike me. This year, I am going to be making pinnable images of my favorite quotes. If you have a quote you’d like to request, leave it in the comments, and I will make one up for...

Caught in the rays of your radiance —

You shine in the distance, illuminate the distance —

drawing my distance like rouge on your cheeks

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Groundhog Day – A Glorious Day by Bobbie Gross

Groundhog’s Day is Saturday, and just to celebrate, here is my poem from Last Poet Standing. The prompt (surprise, surprise): Groundhog’s Day! Happy Groundhog’s Day everyone. And feel free to share with your friends. 🙂 Or pin it to...
This grief poem was written when I had a dream about my Grandmother after she passed away. I miss you Grandma, and love you. I look forward to seeing you again some day.
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Refining Ruby

You have braided yourself together,like strands of wovengold and silver andmore precious than rubiesin a puff of blue smokethat produces allergiesand memories of surprise-filled ice cream cones.Like a stack of Skip-Bo cards,your pieces are so lovingly wornfrom games...

My. Little. Pony. – a Monologue Poem

This poem was based on a tiny damaged toy pony from the local thrift store. I’ve never had such a fun prompt to work with. This was my attempt at a monologue poem (I don’t even know if that’s a real thing or if I made it up) – a poem that is...

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