So, one of my goals this year has been to do more networking with other bloggers. The best place I’ve found to do that is The Blogging Elite, a facebook group that helps bloggers get to know one another AND promote each other’s stuff. I have found so many awesome blogs through the group. Last month, they hosted a Galentine’s Day Swap. Each person was matched up with a blogger from the group. Then, we e-stalked each other, shopped for fun gifts (I shopped at Target, because I absolutely love everything there…) and sent a box of goodies to the other blogger to celebrate.


I really lucked out, because I was matched with Jess from Living La Vida Holoka. Not only is her blog absolutely adorable, but she is a total Doctor Who nerd and sells cool stuff on Etsy and Darby Smart. You should definitely check out her blog and shops because she has a lot of cool recipes, DIY projects, and other homemaking goodness.

And I’m so excited to share about what I got in my swap box! This was the view when I opened the box up. It’s just teeming with goodies!!!




At this point, you probably know how I feel about stationary and adorable cards. I mean, I’m a design fanatic, as evidenced by the printables I offer and my Etsy shop. So, of course, I thought this card was adorable. And you should feel the envelope. I may be the only nerd who drools over high-quality paper, but you should feel this envelope!




Now, if you checked out A Little Loka, Jess’s Etsy shop, you will see that she has this awesome “Bow Ties are Cool” Printable. I loved it when I was e-stalking her, and I was so excited to see that she had sent me one. This is the envelope it came in. What an adorable Galentine’s Day quote!




Once it was all out of the box, I took a picture of everything. My absolute favorite items are the Tardis makeup bag and the caramels. They were devoured in one day, and were seriously amazing. I still haven’t opened the pancake mix, but it sure looks delicious. And of course, you can never have too many journals and pens!!!


I was so impressed with my package. Jess did a great job of finding items that really fit my personality even though we’ve never met one another. I can’t wait to do another swap like this.

If you are a blogger who is interested in doing a swap like this (or of another type), don’t hesitate to contact me at

What’s the best package you’ve ever received in the mail? Pictures and links are encouraged. Share in the comments below. Thanks!


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