You work hard to make sure that your website is running smoothly, catches the attention of your visitors, and converts well for business. But is it working? I have been using a great free resource for the last few months, and I have only good things to say about it.

Peek by Usertesting is a tool that allows you to receive three free 5 minute usability videos each month. You just input the website (or mobile website or app) you want tested and the email you want the usability video sent to. Then you wait.

How I get free user testing on my website | This tip really helped when I was redesigning my blog (and creating my new website). You can have user testing done on your website, your etsy shop, even your pinterest profile....


Once you submit your job, it will show up on the user’s board as an available test. A user will visit your site while recording his or her screen and voice. The user will answer a few questions while navigating the site. This is invaluable to receive feedback on your design, layout, and even content.

Because the free test is done by a random person with no regard to your demographic needs, you may receive a test where the user is so unfamiliar with your niche or topic, that their advice is unhelpful. Still, on the whole, I have found the majority of tests to be incredibly insightful. I strongly recommend that you use this free tool to gain insight into your audience’s thoughts as they view your site.


The free peek test is only five minutes long and focuses on general information about your site. If you are interested in more in-depth usertesting, you can pay for it (starting at $49 per video). Usertesting allows you to craft surveys to choose the right users based on your audience demographic and other needs and create your own series of tasks and questions for the user to answer. This is great for when you launch a new campaign or section of your website.


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