Canva vs. PicMonkey

You have probably heard of Canva at this point. A lot of bloggers and graphic designers are raving over its usability and cost (free). Many people argue that it is even better than PicMonkey. And it is better than PicMonkey – at certain tasks. Not surprisingly, Canva vs. PicMonkey is not really a battle of equals. Both products have a place in the blogger’s arsenal.

PicMonkey vs. Canva for blog images | Which one to use when creating your blog images? I use both. This post talks about the pros and cons of Picmonkey vs. Canva for creating blog images... or really any photo editing you might be doing.

PicMonkey: I’m all about those pics

PicMonkey is all about editing photos. You can add filters, frames, stickers, and text. You can build collages from multiple images. Or you can even build a collage from one photo and blank space. This is a great way to make your horizontally aligned photos Pinterest friendly. If you want to make your photos beautiful or design an element for your website that is photo-heavy, you should definitely use Picmonkey.

Technically, you can design an image with just a background color, text, and stickers, using PicMonkey, but the free options can get pretty repetitive if you are using them over and over again.

If you are using PicMonkey for blogging, I strongly recommend splurging for the PicMonkey Royale membership. It’s only $29.99 and gives you a full year of access to premium features which includes a lot more fonts, stickers, and filters. You can try it for 30 days for free before you decide whether or not it’s worth your hard-earned money. To be honest, once you have Royale, there isn’t nearly as much need for Canva. If, however, you would rather switch between the two and save a little money, then…

PicMonkey vs. Canva - Why I use both to create images for my blog. PicMonkey makes pretty photos super easy.

Canva: Design? No trouble.

Canva picks up where Picmonkey leaves off. Canva is great for designing images or even documents that are text-heavy. It is possible to upload images to Canva, but their built-in filters and editing options are nothing compared to Picmonkey. Instead, they focus on allowing you to quickly design high-quality text-heavy images. There are tons of free stickers and pre-formatted text boxes that can help you design the perfect image for your blog. You can use an image as a background or choose from one of their numerous background styles.

Canva also has a ton of photos that you can incorporate into your design for only $1. So if you find yourself constantly searching for cheap stock photography, Canva might be a good option since it simplifies the process.

One of the best things about Canva is that you can save your image to your account for free. For instance, I used Canva to design my Pinterest board cover images to create a cohesive feel to my Pinterest profile. Now, whenever I create a new board, I can just go in and use the old file as a template to make sure the styling is cohesive every time.

PicMonkey vs. Canva - Why I use both to create images for my blog | Canva is great for creating text-heavy images.

All About Fonts: Canva vs. PicMonkey

It is important to note that PicMonkey allows you to use any font from your computer for free. If you have a lot of fancy fonts or have installed the fonts you used for your website branding, you can use those fonts on all of the images you design on PicMonkey. Canva does not currently support computer fonts, but they do have a number of good fonts to choose from.

So which do you prefer – Canva or PicMonkey? Or do you use them both? Feel free to share tips and recommendations in the comments.


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