We purchased a Canon Rebel T5 (and I absolutely LOVE it) in December, and the sad truth is that we just haven’t used it that much. The main reason is that Annan has been busy at work, and I really don’t know what I’m doing with the thing. I mean, it can do so much… I just have no idea how to work it! So, the other day, I decided we should go on another photodate. And this time, we hit up the best place to practice photography. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was about to get a crash course in photography.

We went to the carnival… at night. We didn’t ride any rides. We didn’t eat any food. And get this… we didn’t spend any money! We just walked around with the camera and tripod and captured many terrible and some decent photos. It was so much fun to learn together. And the carnival was the best place to practice photography.

hot dog stand full

It was dark because it was night.
But it was bright because of the neon lights.
But it was varying shades of brightness – from blind your eyes to just enough to see.

spinning carnival ride in motion

The rides were moving.
The people were moving.
Everything was moving!

rainbow centrifuge ride at carnival

And there were people everywhere.
Walking through our shot.
Standing in front of the camera.
Basically just getting in our way in every way possible.

The Best Place to Practice Photography | This is a great idea. I should definitely get out there and try this to improve my beginner photography skills.


So like, I said… it was perfect for practicing. So many variables, constantly changing. We spent almost two hours at the carnival without spending a penny. And we had a blast! I think these photo dates will have to become a regular thing.


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