Exciting news! You can now download my 2015 printable planners directly from the site! Whether you need to track your goals, fertility, fitness, or health, there is a MYLO Planner for you.

Each planner is 160 pages long and includes tons of extras to keep you organized throughout 2015.

The Story Behind My Planners

Health Problems run in my family. My dad has diabetes, my mom has arthritis, my husband has food allergies and hypoglycemia, and I have some sort of mysterious immune issue the doctors can’t seem to figure out. I started designing planners and trackers to help my family keep our health on track. It didn’t take long for me to realize that there was an entire group of people whose needs were not being met by traditional planners.

MYLO stands for MY Life Organized. I know the difference a planner makes in whether a day is productive or a total waste, because let’s be honest… I have wasted far too many days. When you are juggling daily life AND trying to keep track of your fertility, fitness, or health, it is hard to stay organized.

As my doctors tried to figure out what was going on with my health, they seemed to want a constant stream of information. It was overwhelming to track my weight, periods, sleep, pain levels, activity levels, and anything else they could possibly think of. I figured it was time to stop resorting to random scraps of paper to track calories, basal temperature, and blood pressure. It was time to get MY Life Organized.

MYLO is all about meeting your unique needs and building a planner that does more for you. 

Now you can print the perfect planner.


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