Happy New Year! You probably landed here wondering how to keep resolutions in 2015. My printable planners can keep you on track all year long.

Choose from 4 different styles:

Fitness for tracking food, hydration, and workouts

Fertility for tracking hormonal stuff

Health for tracking illnesses, stress, and energy

Basic for tracking goals, meal plans, and daily activities


All planners include plenty of room for checklists, to-do lists, notes, and other information. Each one totals 160 pages of detailed organizational tools. For more information, check out my new Etsy shop where they are on sale for $9.87 this month only.

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Printable 2015 Planner

MYLO Planner

Printable Fitness Planner for tracking fitness and daily life in 2015

MYLO+ fitness

Printable Fertility Planner for tracking fertility and daily life in 2015

MYLO+ fertility

Printable Health Planner for tracking health and daily life in 2015

MYLO+ health

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