I didn’t publish a post this Monday because I have been so crazy busy working on this project. I wanted to make it up to you. Introducing the 2015 MYLO & MYLO+ Planner Giveaway! MYLO & MYLO+ are the tracking planners I have been working so diligently to create. Whether you need to track fertility, fitness, health, or goals, there is a MYLO Planner for you.


Why planners? And what the heck does MYLO stand for anyway?

Health Problems run in my family. My dad has diabetes, my mom has arthritis, my husband has food allergies and hypoglycemia, and I have some sort of mysterious immune issue the doctors can’t seem to figure out. I started designing planners and trackers to help my family keep our health on track. It didn’t take long for me to realize that there was an entire group of people whose needs were not being met by traditional planners.

MYLO stands for MY Life Organized. I know the difference a planner makes in whether a day is productive or a total waste, because let’s be honest… I have wasted far too many days. When you are juggling daily life AND trying to keep track of your fertility, fitness, or health, it is hard to stay organized.

As my doctors tried to figure out what was going on with my health, they seemed to want a constant stream of information. It was overwhelming to track my weight, periods, sleep, pain levels, activity levels, and anything else they could possibly think of. I figured it was time to stop resorting to random scraps of paper to track calories, basal temperature, and blood pressure. It was time to get MY Life Organized.

MYLO is all about meeting your unique needs and building a planner that does more for you. 

I have been working for months to design unique planners for people who need to track things on a daily basis. I am finally ready to launch the product and the accompanying website over at www.innotations.com.

These planners are unique in a number of ways, primarily because of the trackers they include and the disc binding that makes them truly customizable.

How Can I Use MYLO+ to Track My Fertility, Fitness, or Health?

Each MYLO+ Tracker is everything you expect in a planner with so much more. Each Planner includes an at-a-glance calendar (three years), a health information sheet, a contacts section, a gift planning section, a library sheet for tracking items you loan to friends, and an important login tracker. The two-page calendar spreads have plenty of room to write, a large column for monthly goals, and preview calendars for the next and previous months. The two-page weekly spreads include a column for writing weekly goals, things to buy, people to call, and places to go, pre-populated dates, and daily columns with checklists and blank headers for recording important events and daily notes.

But the beauty is in the trackers. Check these babies out!

I tried my best to fit a lot of tracking into a small amount of space. Hopefully, these can help you get organized and get your health, fitness, or fertility on track.

What If I Don’t Need to Track Anything Daily?

So you don’t need to track your health, fertility or fitness, but you still want to participate in the giveaway? Good news. The MYLO Planner is designed for individuals who love the look of MYLO, but don’t need to track anything on a daily basis. MYLO is all about roomy note-taking, guided goal setting, simple meal planning, and creative versatility. MYLO will help you stay organized and accomplish your goals. Get yours now to get life on track.


Enter the 2015 planner giveaway today, but don’t forget to come back and tweet tomorrow for another chance to win.

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