We all know that we could do a lot better with our budgeting, but sometimes it is difficult to find somewhere to save. Everything seems necessary! Because I love creating challenges for myself that will ultimately help my readers, my husband and I decided to cut our grocery budget from $200+ per month to $125 per month.

I know what you’re thinking.
Oh my gosh, you are going to starve your husband! 
Oh my gosh, there is no way that you can possibly be eating healthy!

Well, guess what? The month is over, and I am happy to report that we stayed on-budget, satisfied, and actually a little healthier than usual!

So, how did we do it? Read on, my dear readers, read on!

Step 9: Divide Your Meats
Step 10: Replenish at Half-Time
Bonus: Cheat a Little
The other posts are coming soon. 

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